Past Classes / Workshops

Here are some examples of the Centro's offerings

WHS Spanish Class field trip to the Centro (3/26/19)


Ms. Perlinger's Woodinville High School Advanced Spanish Class came to the Centro  for a unique field trip  conducted entirely in Spanish.  We started the day by discussing the objectives of the Cultural Center and talking about the art currently on exhibit.

Presentation by Artist Leonel Said Villagomez

The class was treated to a very special opportunity to take part in a discussion in Spanish with artist Leonel Said Villagomez, who discussed his current work on display and answered very interesting and thoughtful questions from the students.  

Amate Bark Painting using Maya Glyphs

We explained about the history of Amate paper, and its use.  Amate is a handmade paper with origins going back thousands of years.  We also learned about Maya glyphs, and students were able to to create a painting on Amate paper using glyphs to write their names.  They did a phenomenal job--their work was colorful, beautiful, and meaningful.

Thank you!

Thank you Ms. Perlinger, students of WHS Spanish 500, and WHS PTSA.  We had a great time sharing art and culture with the WHS community!